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Since 1996 Bianco67 uses the CNC, computer numerical control, which has begun steady growth in the quality of pieces made. Today the firms avails in this high technology which entails machines such as a “6 wire diamond cutter and profiling machines”, in this way reach and obtain maximum accuracy and precision. Bianco67 is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment designed for the job site, which enhance the capturing and projecting of 3D coordinates during the realization phase that allows us to obtain the highes precision.


Bianco67 è un logo di Edilforniture di V. Bernardo & C. s.a.s via Molise, 147 - 86021 Bojano (CB) - P. Iva n. 00810560706 - Tel/Fax.: +39 0874 78 24 60

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