Bianco67, a modern company with a big story on it's shouders. We can count on over fifty years of experience in the field of fine marble.


Knowing how to combine technological development, competitiveness and respect for the environment, today makes the company the protagonist of a radical change, running towards a common and sustainable future.

In short, Bianco67 is the excellence of Made in Italy, it transforms every idea into marble, demonstrating how ductile it is.

Since the end of the 60's the Bernardo family, with foresight and great entrepreneurial spirit, has built a consolidated reality in the sector, realizing that the growing technology would provide the tools to best express a great potential.


Since 1996 Bianco67 has been using numerically controlled machinery undertaking a path of constant growth in terms of the quality of the products. To date, Bianco67 uses this high technology, from numerical control machining centers to the six-axis shaping wire, in order to optimize the raw material and achieve maximum precision. Bianco67 is equipped with high technology for the survey phase on construction sites, makes use of high precision tools capable of capturing and projecting three-dimensional coordinate points that in the construction phase through the use of numerical control machinery, allow it to obtain work precision. The latest generation machinery we use are: 5-axis bridge saw Litox GMM, 3-axis bridge saw Brio GMM, 6-axis Kwezi Micheletti shaping wire, CNC Master 33 plus Intermac, 6 + 1 Barsanti belt polisher, Turrini suction wall, Waterjet Flow Mach2B 20x40, Galicia 10 ton electric crane, Leica 3D Disto 3D detector.

Respect for the enviornment

Bianco67, in order to be even more competitive in the national and international market, aims to ensure respect for human rights and the environment. For this reason, all the energy consumed within the company is entirely produced by the photovoltaic panels installed and finally the disposal of production waste is certified according to the law.


Bianco67 creations arise from the collaboration with planners and designers who, in all phases of work, find in our company an ally with which to transfer ideas into stone. Bianco67 provides advice and assistance from the design stages to installation, and offers the designer the experience and expertise that distinguish it.


Materials and finishes are selected with the project office which optimizes the result regardless of the style and complexity of the work.

Choice of materials

Natural stone is an expressive, versatile and malleable material beyond all expectations, and is a source of infinite inspiration. This is why Bianco67 accurately identifies the quarries and selects the best blocks to offer customers and professionals a wide variety of marble, travertine, quartz, granite, onyx. The direct relationship with the quarry allows you to be in contact with the materials and quality, and allows you to carefully choose the blocks of greatest interest, always aiming for the quality and uniqueness of the result.


A product is not born only from an idea, but also from the work of many people who with their experience, skills and abilities are able to give shape to things. At the base of everything there is a project, conceived, studied, designed by people who, thanks to their ability and intuition, always manage to create something new and different by relating materials to technologies. The project alone is not enough, it must be studied, perfected and implemented. For this Bianco67 follows all the prototyping phases: compares the idea and the project with the materials and gives life to a prototype, a model of the work to be developed, created in order to evaluate its feasibility, the combination of the materials, the yield and the characteristics in general.


We perform all the marble processing techniques, also dedicating ourselves to experimenting with new surface treatments and searching for new frontiers of the applicability of stone materials. The machines available to the laboratory allow to obtain a very wide range of products: 6-axis wire forming machine, CNC machining center, belt polisher, three-axis bridge cutter, five-axis bridge cutter.


Shipping and installation assistance

The production department is organized for the handling and storage of the material, packaging and shipping. Once tested, the semi-finished products are packed in closed crates with anti-tipping bars for export, ready to be shipped or delivered directly to our customers. Our work does not end with the shipment of the material. We follow the customer and the construction site ensuring assistance with installation up to the testing of the work.